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"Michael is an absolute joy to work with and has instilled a confidence in my vocal ability that I never thought possible. Before his lessons, I only ever obtained soprano roles and never pushed myself to reach beyond that or even venture to other theatres outside of my hometown. When I began lessons, Michael encouraged me to go beyond my comfort zone as he worked to strengthen my breath support, range and technique. I'm proud to say that because of him, I've now been cast in several belt roles at new theatres around Boston in addition to the roles I traditionally played. The support and skillset that Michael is able to supply his students with is unlike any other, and I'm forever grateful."

Adina Lundquist

"Michael is simply the best. He's very knowledgeable about every aspect of the voice, he's become a very important part of my training and career. I only wish I met with him sooner!"

Brian Frank

“After spending most of my time as a professional actor focused on film and tv, I nervously decided to get back to my theatre roots. After a short time studying with Michael, I feel more confident going out for auditions than ever!”
Heather Gibson

“Michael has helped me clear the cluttered path between thought and action, from the first intake of my breath to the final creation of my purest, most effortless sound. As he often tells me, ‘If it feels good, it sounds good.’ He also gives me some good therapy along the way. I would recommend him to anyone, at any stage.”  Joe Forbrich (Actor, The Iceman Cometh)

"I was suffering the worst drought of my musical theatre career. Since beginning my lessons with Michael, I’ve received multiple call backs, and I just booked a principal role in one of my favorite shows. Michael is the real deal!"
John Gibson

"Michael is simply the best!  Working with Michael for the past 6+ years has made me a better singer and a more confident, consistent performer.  With the help of Michael’s expertise, I have sung some of the most challenging pieces of soprano repertoire with an ease that I had never thought possible.  He has nudged me when I needed nudging and lifted me when I needed guidance.  I would recommend him to anyone who wants to grow in their technique and story-telling as a vocalist." Jennifer Ellis