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Teaching Philosophy

I have loved teaching singing for over 25 years! 


Every person and every voice is unique! Perfecting the voice and/or recovering from vocal issues or injury should be easy to understand, methodical, and a positive experience. Vocal difficulty or limitation can be improved and eliminated when there is a strategy to build habits that create a coordinated mind and body that allows the singer to perform freely, expressively and consistently. I feel it is very important to have open communication and  support the singer's performing goals both in the studio, and following through with auditions and performances.



Most have degrees in Musical Theatre or Voice. Many are already having successful performing careers in NY, Boston, regionally, in National and International tours.  Some of my most rewarding work is with aspiring professionals, making sure they build a strong technique and a great audition book. I also help them learn the ropes of the NY audition scene. Finally, I am proud of the success I have had with dancers and people who have considered themselves "non-singers," as well as helping singers recover from vocal injury.



Most lessons are taught at Ripley Grier Studios either in mid-town Manhattan or on the Upper West Side. In Boston, lessons are taught at Riverside Theatre Works.


SKYPE lessons are also available for those unable to come to NYC or Boston. This is also a great way to have a check-up and keep your voice healthy while performing on tour or regionally.