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Studio Information and Policies

1. If you don't see Michael in the hallway, knock and come right into the studio when it's your lesson time. We want to make sure you get your full hour!

2. Please pay for your lesson at the beginning of the hour, so that isn't happening in someone else's time, or it gets forgotten.

3. Weekly and Bi-monthly singers: try to have a regular day/time, or book your next lesson at the end of the hour. If you can't do that, please book by Monday. (Booking studio time is not always easy, and if you wait, the schedule for end of the week may be full.)

Regarding rates and cancellations: 

1. Don't just cancel. Always try to reschedule if something comes up and you can't make your regular time.

2. Singers with a discounted rate have agreed to a weekly lesson. In order for me to be able to maintain that rate, you must -within reason-be taking your voice lesson on a weekly schedule. Otherwise you have go to the next rate (2x month) for the lesson after an absence.

3. If you must cancel with less than 24 hours notice, please expect to pay the studio fee.  This is an incredibly lenient policy, as many studios would charge for the missed lesson.

4. Please consider SKYPE or FaceTime lessons if you are away for more than two-three weeks, on tour, etc. It's a great way to help keep your voice healthy and growing!

Thanks for reviewing all of this. Please don't hesitate to discuss any or all of it with Michael.